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Astrology – Navigation by the stars


The paths of Pluto and Uranus “square” each other 7 times between 2012 and 2015. On our earthly journey this heavenly configuration symbolises road signs reading “change of direction” and “sharp turn”. If we don’t heed these signs, we’re likely to end up in a cul-de-sac.

Uranus symbolises change. Disruptive or exciting, it has an awakening and illuminating effect. It embodies liberation and breaking free in order to become more independent, authentic and true to ourselves.

Pluto symbolises transformation. It tears off our labels and removes the structures that became our crutches. It brings to the surface what lie hidden – negative complexes or untapped potentials. Pluto represents the principle of purification and renewal, “death and rebirth”.

We can thus travel in fear, hobble on our crutches and don’t change our cloaks. We keep going, head down and pass the road signs on the way. We may head for a mud swamp or a deep chasm.

Or along the way we can rid ourselves of crutches and outworn cloaks, embrace the changes in direction. We can visit the roadside spring of cleansing waters. Our journey may be a refreshing and exciting experience, leading us home to our true selves.

Hettie Malan


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