Welcome to the new version of Healthy Choices. Our rather talented team consists of some highly over qualified people who hope to rock your world. Big time! We are starting out small with an incredibly big dream. A veritable hive of activity, we are about offering informed choices to what is happening around us in the health, wellness, healing, fitness, beauty & movement industries. We offer our unique questions. Our name says it all. Our analogy is that of bees, working as a unified whole in their hives to promote their ultimate goal. The honey (or goal) for us is the enlightenment of humanity. The shift we all are striving for in our consciousness. The giant leap. The big dream. Health & Wellness on all levels. The questions we ask are the process of making honey. The hive has a queen… our communities also have queens, they are the leaders, the masters, the people who help others reach their goals. There are quite a few around at present, we hope to introduce you to one or two. Happy reading & get ready for the launch of our website & online newsletter, which will offer a more in depth look at each issue & the articles therein.

by Lesley-Ann Green


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